Our contractual agreements with various businesses across the kingdom, from retail to government sectors, form the cornerstone of ARC’s collection process. Our system is designed to handle large quantities of recyclable materials with unparalleled convenience and efficacy. We also gladly accept materials directly from smaller suppliers at our branches spread throughout the region.

Upon collection, these materials are then meticulously sorted by category and quality. This process is essential in ensuring only the most suitable materials make it to the next stage. Quality and integrity are paramount at this point, as this contributes significantly to the final product’s standard.

Different materials undergo different processes. Cardboard-based materials are compacted using automatic pistons to reduce their size and make them easier to transport. Paper is shredded into manageable pieces, while plastic undergoes an intense treatment process to ensure it is ready for the next phase.

The transformed materials are then stored efficiently, ready for delivery to manufacturers across the kingdom. Our storage process is designed to maintain the integrity and quality of the final product until it is dispatched.

Finally, our products are distributed Kingdom-wide from our central locations. Shipping companies collect these materials, delivering them to various recycling factories such as the Arab Paper Company (WARAQ) and others.

Arab Recycling

Pioneering Sustainability in Saudi Arabia

Arab Recycling was established as a company operating in the field of collection and recycling of municipal solid waste in 2011, with its main headquarters located in the Eastern Province in Dammam. Arab Recycling is a subsidiary of Arab Paper Manufacturing Co (WARAQ)  and aims to be the preferred choice for all local factories.  ARC provides services for the collection, transportation, and recycling of municipal solid waste in various cities across the kingdom. One of the notable achievements of the company is  the collection of over 1,000,000 tons of recyclable materials and diverting them from landfills.

The Complete Recycling Solution

ARC's production procedure is a streamlined, methodical process that reflects our commitment to both efficiency and sustainability.

We have implemented a detailed and systematic approach to ensure that every step of our operations, from collection to supply, is handled with the utmost care and precision. This thorough, comprehensive procedure allows us to maximize the utility of recyclable materials, minimize environmental impact, and meet the needs of our diverse clientele effectively.

ARC in Numbers