ARC Services

Collection of Waste

We Offer a Range of Services Including: Commercial Waste Collection, Recycling of Materials such as Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, and Light Metals.

Sorting of Waste for Recycling Industry

Beyond collecting recyclable materials, we go the extra mile by sorting and categorizing them according to their type and uses. This helps enhance the quality of the recycled materials and enables local manufacturers to efficiently process waste and transform it into new products. Sorting is conducted either manually or by utilizing sorting machines that separate materials based on their quantities and types.

Baling of Raw Materials

After sorting the raw materials, the next step is their assembly and compression based on quantities using manual or automatic balers. This step aims to compress the waste into large blocks to facilitate its transportation, handling, and storage.

Crushing of Recyclable Plastic

We also specialize in collecting various types of recyclable plastic waste. This type of waste undergoes a washing stage to remove dirt and unwanted residues immediately after sorting. Following that, the materials are cut into small pieces according to their type and color, making it easier to transport them to a crushing machine that produces more homogeneous materials.

Collection and Sorting of Light Metals

We process light metals such as  aluminum, steel, iron, and copper, converting them into reusable materials. The materials are sorted according to their type because each type of light metal has its unique properties that require specific processing methods.

Leading Manufacturing and Production Process

Recycling Used Cardboard into High-Quality Products

We prioritize the production of environmental friendly materials, which has led us to our innovative process of transforming used cardboard into packaging papers and industrial paper. Through this groundbreaking leap in the world of recycling, we play a fundamental role in preserving the environment and natural resources such as trees.

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